Building a Longboard

I started by gluing 3 sheets of 4mm plywood together. I deluded the wood glue with some water because it’s easier to bend wet wood into shape and this way the glue soaks the whole wood.


After letting the glue dry overnight, I could remove the clamps:


I found different templates on Instructables. I really like the classic shape so I printed the template, glued the pieces together, cut it and aligned it on the wood.


I cut it with a jigsaw. A bandsaw would have been better, but you have to use the tools you have available 🙂


After that, I sanded the board by hand and gave it smoothly curved edges. You could use a manual router for this but sanding by hand works just fine.


After that, I made some drawings for the design I want to have on the underside of the board. I really like mountains and geometric shapes, so this is what I came up with:















I liked the design so much that I made a negative version of it for the upper side to cut out of the grip tape.

After transferring the design to the board I used masking tape to make sure I don’t paint over the edges. I painted some of the mountains in different tones of brown (I just applied different layers of paint) and painted the blue mountain with airbrush.



After lightly sanding it I gave it 7 coats of transparent lacquer. Since I chose very soft wood (birch plywood), I had to make sure to harden it with a lot of lacquer.


While letting the lacquer dry I cut the negative shapes of the design out of the grip tape.

I then placed the grip tape on the board and cut the edges. After that, I could finally attach the axis and wheels. This is how the finished board looks like:

I’m super happy how the design turned out. The board looks incredible. Unfortunately, I bend the wood a little too strongly which results in very sensitive steering behavior. Instead of a chilled cruising board, it’s quite exhausting to ride it, especially since it’s the first longboard I’ve ever tried.

Maybe the next time I’ll make a cruiser board out of a flat piece of wood.

But I really enjoyed building it, especially the process of bending wood into a shape, since I tried to bend it in two directions.

Feel free to leave a comment or write me if you have inspiration and questions 🙂


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